So um... WTF mate? Way to go ruining my ordinary but still badass belief that the killer is spoilers ahead )


It is almost one o'clock in the morning and rather too late to get into this topic, I just wanted to pop in and say a big WTF PRODUCERS?! WRITERS!?! EXPLAIN YOURSELVES AUGH'F4;KEJRAW3;LRJU3WE4332LKRJFIT/KFJSDKLFJ;[SD

What a brave thing, to be a women's health physician and perform late-term abortions, and get shot in the arms, and have your clinic bombed, and be targeted and harassed by the government and still keep going.

Sad now. )

RIP Dr. Tiller. You were (are) one of my heroes.
So...what's the deal with this whole new "content may not be suitable for minors" designation that puts half my flist's posts behind these tags that reveal absolutely nothing about what they're posting about? Kinda annoying. Is it deemed acceptable to place secksual content behind a cut like so, or is that officially not enough? Is it just me or has LJ gotten waaay too twitchy?
As of today, I am banking at Commerce. Go to hell, Bank of America. I spit on you and your stupid fees.
Seems like 80% of my flist has had a massive freakout this week about Supernatural. Perhaps I should be watching this.


Oct. 3rd, 2005 08:31 pm
Serenity broke me a lot. )
Just watched the Brokeback Mountain trailer. (You have to click on the "More Entertainment Video" tab.) This movie may in fact kill me.
God I so cannot wait for Brokeback Mountain. And Serenity. meep.


Aug. 15th, 2005 06:09 pm

This is why I was so upset about missing the permanent LJ sale.


So much to upload, so little time. omg.
Happy Birthday, [ profile] fabricatedvoice!

I hope your summer either improves or passes quickly. Better the first, though.
I accidentally fell asleep on my bed around 6 or so, and now I'm bright-eyed and bushy tailed at midnight. I'm never going to sleep tonight, so I'm being productive by downloading pictures of Scarlett Johannsen. I want to make a wallpaper of her looking pretty. Which shouldn't be hard seeing as she looks absolutely gorgeous 99.4% of the time.

Limewire rocks. Thank you, to the person on my flist who rec'd it.


I need food. I missed dinner, such as it is in my house.

Has everyone downloaded Google Earth? Zooming in from outer space down to your house is incredibly fun and nifty and a little weird. Good for driving directions too. Unlike mapquest or mapsonus and all those other sites, with Google Earth you can see the topography in 3-D. The program's supposedly still in beta, but I highly recommend.
Here's my friendly advice to the world at large today. NEVER read Geek Love by Katherine Dunn. Holy fucking shit. Hate hate hate. I've never been moved to write hate mail to a living author. But I'm not going to because I'm sure she would be pleased by my reaction. You don't write a novel like that wanting to give people the warm fuzzies.

Don't get me wrong, it generally takes a lot to squick me, and I like a lot of disturbing books (for horror genre cred, my favorite Stephen King novel is Pet Sematary, okay?). But not sick, twisted, fucked up pieces of shit like this book. I would have stopped reading it but I thought that might be worse. If I'd known it was going to spring spoilers )

I've purged twice now--first on the phone with my sister and now via LJ, but still I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight.
Linking to No Harmm from my userinfo, because it is way overdue. Few things upset me as much as the idea of people cutting up younger, helpless people's genitalia just because they can, or because they've always done it, because they think God wants it, because they think it's "cleaner"...whatever. This seems to strike some people as strange, but the circumcision of healthy male babies breaks my heart and makes me very nearly as angry as FGM.

Reading about the sexual experiences of men who've chosen to be circumsized later in life really upsets me, but at least they chose it for themselves. Reading about mothers who regret circumsizing their sons upsets me possibly even more. Gah. Whereas FGM is just fucked, but at least activists are *doing* something about it. Nobody seems to care about foreskins.

My tummy hurts.
Mtv Launches New Gay Cable TV Channel

ETA: I wonder if it'll suck. The headline makes it sound like it's going to be the gay version of Mtv. But assuming that doesn't happen, it does sound promising, and it'll piss off the Christian right and that's always a good time.

If I have any residual doubt about this, it's because the big reason corporations care about gays is that they want into homosexual wallets. If these 15 million homosexual Americans they mention were socio-economically disenfranchised, I'm not sure any of these companies would be giving us the time of day.

But heck. Can't look at a gift horse like that; it's nice of Viacom to try to serve the niche market. It's about time, considering we've had the Golf channel for like 14 years.

Certainly it'll be worth checking out.
Watched the 2nd half of Pet Sematary last night. I don't care what anyone says--I love the book and that movie Does Things to me.

Finished watching Veronica Mars. Amazing as hell, but wtf are they going to do for next season?

I have a lot of crap to do today. I should go look into that.

so. tired.

Jun. 1st, 2005 08:03 pm
I am going to go fall into bed now. I am close to just falling over. My brain is barely functioning. This must be what zombies look like.
I spent a few annoying hours yesterday finding corporate addresses on company websites, and/or calling their customer service lines to get them, and writing letters to 10 pharmacies with various positions on pharmacist refusals. I thought I'd urge other people to do the same, and figured I'd save you the trouble of finding out all these corporations' addresses.

If you don't have the time to write and send physical letters, please, send the form letters on this page of If you do have time to write a couple of letters, whether to thank the pharmacy you personally use, politely bitch them out for their bad policy, or simply urge one of the unknowns to adopt a better one, PLEASE do. Your letters count. Write your own from scratch, or adapt the letters linked to from the above page. Either one is great.

corporate snailmail addresses )

Xposted to [ profile] birthcontrol and [ profile] fem_activism.
I just fired off a friendly rebuke to Mark Morford about his latest column, which is basically a long "thank god Star Wars is finally over. Losers!"

For [ profile] thegreatstoonad and anyone else who wants them:

Sirius Black by Tony Goldblum

Sauron's Flying V by The Lords of the Rhymes I've seen this song elsewhere labeled eponomously. I don't know which title is right.

Nine-Fingered Frodo by The Lords of the Rhymes

On a completely unrelated note--might anyone or anyone's friend or family member have some use for a bunch of 38DD and/or 36DD underwire bras from Victoria's Secret? They're used, obviously, but most of them are in fine condition and it seems like an enormous waste to throw them away. Free from a smoke-free home; I'll pay for shipping. I just really don't want to throw them all out.
And what a revenge it was. We should all achieve such spectacular vengeance in our lifetimes.

Episode III made me very, very happy in all the ways I and II failed to do. I've read at least a hundred reviews at this point, counting all the posts on LJ, and I have nothing terribly new or special to say regarding the movie.

Nevertheless, some things I want to note. )

I can't wait to see it again. Maybe this weekend, when my breasts are a little more securely attached.

Dorky costume pictures to follow.
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