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Birthdate:Feb 24
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
I'm a fannish person. I'm generally positive, easily excited, and moderately silly.

As with my life in general, my internet pursuits are largely frivolous and underscored with deadly seriousness in just a few places (cheeseburgers, choice, Deadpool, etc.). See Interests for details.

And I'm a liberal. Phear me.

Always open to new friends, and I friend most everyone back. Over 18 years of age only, as my LJ contains adult subject matter, and I will not friend anyone who subscribes to racist or homophobic ideology. I am the live-and-let-live type, and if you aren't we probably won't get along. Otherwise it's all good.

I am currently in the following fandoms: Marvelverse, Sons of Anarchy, Merlin, Supernatural, Metalocalpyse, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Venture Brothers, some actively and some passively. I enjoy fake news and get lulz from politislash although I don't really subscribe to the fandoms. I also tune in to South Park, Medium, Survivor, Robot Chicken and a handful of other shows. On my list of things to start watching are Mad Men, The Mentalist, Big Bang Theory, Weeds, The Tudors, Rome, True Blood, The IT Crowd, Lie to Me and Dexter. So many shows, so little time.

Favorite fandoms, movies & tv shows past include Buffy, Angel, Queer as Folk, Lord of the Rings, Firefly (greatest show of all time), Arrested Development, Oz, Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, Babylon 5, Xena, Star Wars, Nip/Tuck, Big Love, Six Feet Under, original CSI, and Star Trek (primarily TNG and a little TOS). I watched The X-Files back in the day. I like Harry Potter despite having problems with it.

Cable & Deadpool moodtheme by foresthouse and addygryff.

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Interests (154):

80s music, a song of ice&fire, abortion rights, activism, anal sex, andrew/spike, andrew/warren, angel, angel/spike, anti-circumcision, anti-marriage protection week, atheism, awesome female characters, badfic, baldness, being a gqmf, books, breaking the fourth wall, btvs, cable/deadpool, censorship, chaotic good, cheezburgers, choice, comics, computers, cons, cosplay, csi, dark avengers, deadpool, democrats, demon sex, disordered eating, early original csi, eighties music, elves, enya, exercise, falsifying statistics, fandom, fanfic, fantasy, feminism, feminist activism, fetishes, firefly, free speech, game face kink, gay pants, gay pirates, geeklife, george r.r. martin, gratuitous sex, graveyards, harper's island, harry potter, harry/draco, haunted houses, he-man, height differences, hickeys, hmr, hobbits, homemade cookies, homoeroticism, howard dean, hoyay, icons, idiots, interior decoration, j.r.r. tolkien, jazz hands, johnny depp, karaoke, kink, lawful evil, led zeppelin, liberalism, liev schreiber, lord of the rings, love, lust, masturbation, mental hospitals, michael stipe, mmorpgs, mondegreens, monogamy, mst3k, nail polish, nanowrimo, nerds, nimbus 2003, nimbus_attendee, not exercising, not taking things seriously, obsessive crushes, online tests, outrageous costumes, perverts, photomanips, pilates, pirates, politician slash, politislash, porn, posters, prochoice, queer, quiverfull, quizzes, randomness, reading, rem, rps, ryan reynolds, sarcasm, sci-fi, sex, sex toys, she-ra, shoes, silliness, slash, slashing everyone, snark, spanking, speed writing, staying up all night, strong women, taking things seriously, talk like a pirate,, the bad place, the bartling, the homosexual agenda, thunderstorms, tolkien, transgender, true love, venture brothers, vids, wackiness, weasel, why's the rum gone?, wild monkey sex, wolverine, word association, world domination, writing, x-men, xavier/magneto, xena
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