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The government does not have the right to see me naked unless 1) I post naked pictures of myself on the internet or 2) they have that crazy thing called reasonable suspicion that I have committed a crime or am attempting to commit one. And letting government employees touch me in ways and places no one in my life would generally be allowed to touch me, save my S.O. or maybe my doctor? Nuh uh. I do not consider myself a modest person by any means, but this does not seem reasonable to me. And given the levels of prudishness of many Americans it is incredibly difficult for me to understand how so many people can shrug this off in the name of safety.

I wrote to the DHS to complain about this bullshit and the fact that new international travel rules also dictate they can search and seize the laptops of international travelers and go through years or a lifetime of letters, picture files, purchase records, whatever's on there they want to peek at. I can't imagine more unreasonable searches then these, save if we all had to disrobe entirely and get body cavity searches.

I really hope the American people do not stand for this crap. I have lost much of my faith in us as a people, but really guys. C'mon. Take a long hard look at this shit.

My worst fear is that next, some asshole will blow up a train and then we'll have the TSA virtually strip-searching or groping us whenever we want to take the train. And then someone will blow up a bridge and we won't even be safe from unreasonable searches during car trips. Just... where does it end. I see no end in sight. Gah.

Part of me feels very sad that if these rules don't change and I never fly again, I won't get to see places in the world I would really like to vacation to or to revisit - Bermuda, the Bahamas, Hawaii. But to me this is a question of basic rights, it's bigger then places I'd like to go to. Bottom line is, I get to decide who sees me naked and who fondles me and how. 4 srs.

In the meantime, if there is a wedding or a funeral, we'll be making a road trip, and I just hope it won't mean driving across the country.
Has everyone heard the song "Your Ghost" by Greg Laswell? It's actually a cover (I think). Youtube has it here. Amazing.
I know I cannot possibly be the only person who saw this and thought of Warren's girlfriend April.

The future is scary. And awesome. And scary.

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If you could resurrect/bring back five characters, who would they be?

1. Tara, BtVS
2. Marcus, Babylon 5
3. Boone, Lost. I quit watching after he died.
4. Kosh, Babylon 5
5. Wash, Firefly

You don't know how badly I wanted to put Billy Mays on this list. I know he's not uh technically a character, but he was on the teevee, and I felt so bad watching Anthony Sullivan cry over him on the final, memorial episode of Pitchmen.


Jul. 29th, 2009 10:25 am
9 - Venture Brothers (3 Dr. Girlfriend, 4 Monarch/Dr. Girlfriend, 2 Henchmen)
29 - Cable & Deadpool (11 Cable, 10 Cable/Deadpool, 2 Deadpool/Weasel, 7 Weasel, 1 Blind Al)
9 - Blade Trinity (8 Hannibal King, 1 Asher Talos)
3 - Ryan Reynolds
8 - X-Men (2 Logan/Jean, 1 Daken, 1 Logan/Daken, 3 Victor Creed, 1 Mystique)
7 - Miscellaneous

Samples: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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I hate how hard it is, when you're catching up on a decade or four of comics, to figure out what comics you have, what you're missing, and what's duplicated in which TPB's. Anyway, this is of no interest to anyone but me. For my own record-keeping purposes... )
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I'm gonna say Italian. For the pizza.

That would be a nightmare though.
Name the five best uses of flashback/non-linear storytelling.

1. The Butterfly Effect
2. The Prestige
3. The Usual Suspects
4. Kill Bill
5. Memento Revised as per remembered via [ profile] bloodyscuffle: The Time Traveler's Wife

Not sure why all the best examples I can think of are movies.
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Not standing up, saying "That is a lie," and walking out of the room when the man giving us our Catholic school sex education talk said condoms don't prevent the transmission of HIV.


Jul. 20th, 2009 06:57 pm
I cannot believe I did not know about this. Andy Hallett died in March 2009, and I did not know. That's what I get for taking a leave of absence from LJ, I guess. Still I would've thought him mainstream enough that I'd have heard about it in the news.

Dan just found out from reading old Angel comics.

Sad now.
Oh, also: Someone on IMDB suggested David Eigenberg for Weasel in the Deadpool movie, and that is the single best idea I have heard this month. He is maybe on the old side for the role; I imagine Weasel as a wee bit younger, and if there are sequels he will probably be graying intensely, but I still think he'd be ideal.
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Gotta go with beignets.
Name five series that should have had a musical episode (and how it could have been explained).

I wish I could think of a good reason for a musical ep of Veronica Mars. )
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I miss being able to see my younger sister every day. We used to play vampire Barbies (we were ahead of our time) and those were happy hours. I have v fond memories of that time. Now she lives in another state, and I wish she were closer.

Other than that, I can't think of much. I was obese, self-conscious, had sexual issues and was miserable as often as I was content. I like being a happily married adult much better.

Well, and Xmases used to be fun at home. We decorated gingerbread houses some years.

Why am I wide awake? I should be asleep.
I read several bad X-Men porn stories on tonight for no particular reason. When you're in need of bad, tacky, but v NC-17 porn stories, literotica's a decent site. I don't know what possessed me to see what they had in terms of X-Men, sometimes I have an oddly self-destructive streak. And these stories. I mean BAD. Two of the stories were eye-rollingly painful but ordinary OOC trash. In the most memorable of the three I read, there's a bug in the Danger Room program, causing one of the robots in their training session to have a phallus. A female X-Man starts getting herself off with it, for no apparent reason other than that it's there, and then the other X-Men are filled with uncontrollable lust. Logan pounces on Jean and has animalistic sex with her and Scott does Ororo and Banshee (but I think the writer thought Banshee was a chick). Professor X, witnessing this "terrible orgy" from the control room, tries to get them to stop but then he and Jean have telepathic sex instead. There was this whole image of her beautiful vagina spreading like an octopus. Meanwhile, Magneto has a spycam set up in the Danger Room, and he and Mystique are like: "Our enemies are having an orgy!" And so they too decide to get it on. At Magneto's suggestion she turns herself into JLO (cause apparently Magneto likes JLO), and then Jennifer Love Hewitt, Britney Spears, Whitney Huston (sic), and Mariah Carey, to name a few. When she orgasms, at incredible speed she cycles through the shapes of "every woman of the world."

This story was so bad, it was almost hypnotic. I reiterate: Jean's mental vagina was spreading like an octopus. AN OCTOPUS. I mean sure, it's the internets, tentacle porn's going to pop up now and then, but I was not expecting it from JEAN'S VAGINA. I need a shower.

But I had to share.
Name 5 characters who'd be most pleased if they ever got the opportunity to see what fandom is writing about them. (and the 5 characters who'd be most shocked ;) From [ profile] melonbutterfly.

1. Spike
2. Malcolm Reynolds
3. Deadpool
4. Justin
5. Krycek

1. Clark
2. Snape
3. Marcus Cole
4. Scott Summers
5. William Turner

Professor Xavier would be the antithesis of shocked. He'd be all like, "Oh yes," *nod* *yawn*
What's the story with fandom? Why is my flist so quiet of late? Has everyone moved to Dreamwidth?
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