I know I cannot possibly be the only person who saw this and thought of Warren's girlfriend April.

The future is scary. And awesome. And scary.

Just the article text under the cut. )
I'm in a shopping mood. I just found a dildo that's styled after a Pyrex juicer. Has the little knob handle and everything. (Note: I am not buying anything from Amazon if I could be buying from Barnes & Noble. OTOH, I don't think B&N carries sex toys yet.) Wild in Secret's imaginatively named site is here, but I've just been browsing Amazon.

Some of these products are absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous pearl collar and leash. They have amusing things as well, like the vibrating lipstick.

And some of them are downright weird. I had to consult with the secondary pictures on the page before I understood the full purpose of this. *Look* at that. Reminds me of the Alien spawn that births/installs the baby alien while sitting on your face. This one's strange too. I mean, I can think of uses for it, but I'm not sure I'd be right.

This is brilliant (until you bounce too hard and it bursts). And I would seriously consider buying the Love Machine if I had $400 and wanted a sex toy that would be hard to hide in my room.

If I had $400, I'd be putting it towards a new laptop, because notebooks are sexier and also more useful than sex toys. But I really am intrigued by some of these products. Particularly the Alien spawn, mostly because I'm afraid of it.

When I lose five more pounds, I'm going to buy this shirt in yellow, because I find it clever.



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