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Name five series that should have had a musical episode (and how it could have been explained).

1. She-Ra. Shadow Weaver casts a spell forcing the Rebellion to sing cause... ummmmm... it'll make their lives more difficult? Their plots are silly anyway. Or it's all in Glimmer's mind, as she has some kind of weird dream. Honestly I think it'd be no worse than any other She-Ra ep, and I'd like to hear the ladies sing.

2. Merlin. It's an evil plot by Nimueh to make no one take Uther's kingdom seriously anymore. Frankly, it's no worse than any of her other evil plans for Merlin's or Arthur's destruction.

3. X-Men the animated series. The power of the new mutant at Xavier's school is that everyone in his presence can't talk, but can only sing. (No, I wouldn't wish this on anyone, truly. This meme kind of assumes that shows should generally have musical episodes, and while I certainly love them sometimes, ie Once More With Feeling, Brigadoom, etc, other times they don't work well. Still, it'd be interesting to see them attempt it.)

4. Not a show, but the Deadpool movie should definitely have singing, and no explanation is needed, cause it's Deadpool. I read somewhere that Ryan Reynolds threw out the idea that it should be a musical, though I have the feeling that might have just been a rumor.

5. Firefly, after the crew gets drugged en masse. Or maybe only Jayne or Mal gets drugged, and hallucinates everyone else singing a la Scrubs.
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